Supply Kit for Projects 1 & 5 INCLUDES: Supplies for 1 student to do each project 2 times OR 2 students in the same home to do each project 1 time taking turns using the marker and watercolors.

Project 1: Apple for the Teacher

*2 sheets of 7"x10" Canson Pen & Ink paper

*1 Fine tip Sharpie permanent marker (for projects 1 & 5)

*1 watercolor set (for projects 1 & 5)

Project 5: Lady with a Headwrap

*2 sheets of 9"x12" Canson Watercolor paper

*Use the same marker & watercolors from Project 1

***Does not include pencil, paper towel, water cup, scratch paper, ruler, etc. These items are regular school supplies or items found around the home.

***Resource materials can be viewed online or printed from our website files for each project.


Supply Kit for Projects 1 & 5