The SUPER Art Kit INCLUDES: Supplies in this kit will be enough to complete 6 of each project. 

*Assortment of Art Papers for projects 1-4:

 6 pieces of 9"x12" Bristol Paper (Project 1)

 6 pieces of 7"x10" Mixed Media Paper (Project 2)

 6 pieces of 5"x7" black card stock (Project 3)

 6 pieces of 9x12" black canvas paper (Project 4)

*Canvas art tote with all around, exterior pockets,

   15"L x 8 1/2" H x 7" W

*Canvas Drop Cloth, approximately 32" x 48"

*Prang watercolor set w/brush

*1 dual tip Sharpie

*Set of 25 colors CrayPas oils pastels

*Set of 12 colors, 2 oz. each of craft acrylic paint

*1 small paint brush

*6 wood craft stylus

*6 - 4 oz. tubs of PlayDoh - assortment of bright colors (for Project 5)

*Assortment of card stock strips (for Project 5)

*6 - 12" dowels, 12 - 3" dowels (for 3 large Ojo de Dios projects, Project 6) 

*6 - 6" dowels (for 3 small Ojo de Dios projects, Project 6)

*6 skeins of yarn (black, white, blue, red, green, & purple)

The SUPER Art Kit


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