2019 - 2020



Brush Painting

Media: Rice paper, Sumi-E brush, ink, & red Sharpie for the "Chop".

“Sumi-E Brush Painting”, the Japanese tradition of brush painting with black ink is ancient and yet has persevered to the present. Using a lyrical and poetic line, a Sumi-E master uses a minimum of marks to express the essence of the subject matter being depicted. Our project will focus on depicting the most important characteristics of a plant or animal to capture form with a minimum number of brushstrokes. Students will manipulate the line itself to suggest detail and suffuse their subject with life. Secondarily, the student will finish their paintings with a carefully placed signature “chop” in red ink.

Catch a Wave

Media: Orange toned pastel art paper and NuPastel

The beauty of the ocean surf is at the heart of what draws us to the beach. For our second project “Catch a Wave”, students will learn to ‘paint’ layers of different pastel colors over the built-in undertone of the orange pastel art paper to create their own perfect wave.

Joichi Hoshi Trees

Media: White card stock, water-soluble woodblock inks, plexi-glass, brayer, & Q-tip's

Joichi Hoshi was known for is woodblock prints, often shown leafless against a bare background and rendered more magnificent with the addition of gold or silver. For “Joichi Hoshi Trees”, students will use monotype techniques (rather than carving wooden blocks) to create their own masterpieces in the style of Hoshi’s trees.

Golden Icons

Media: Bisque tile, Model Magic, and gold & black acrylic paint

Inspired by Egyptian Hieroglyphs, “Golden Icons” will introduce students to the history and cultural context of Ancient Egypt and their writing system. Each young artist will then create a Low Relief tile sculpture that will depict their own hieroglyph.


Media: Bristol paper, pencil, Sharpie, & chalk pastels

Inspired by the every growing popularity of manga comics and animation, “Manga” will give students a lesson in this stylized portraiture.  Using many reference samples of facial elements in the Manga style, students will draw a portrait of their own Manga Character. 


and the Art of the Cosmos

Media: Black drawing paper, baby oil, & oil pastels

At first glance art and science may not seem to commingle, but the first NASA scientists realized the importance of art and its ability to describe events in a way no other medium of communication could when they created the NASA Art Program. Students will learn the importance of art in relation to space exploration, including its documentation and story-telling ability. As future artists and scientists, they will describe their own impressions of space, inspired by images from the Hubbell Space Telescope, using oil pastel painting techniques.

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