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2023 - 2024

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George Seurat Pointillism

Media: Tempera paint

Georges Seurat was a post impressionist painter who is well known for his pointillistic approach to painting. Seurat dabbed spots of pure color side-by-side and allowed the "mixing" to the eye of the viewer. Students first sketch a landscape scene (with river, bank, sky, tree and boat) and then use the eraser end of a pencil to paint the scene using pointillism

Doodle Magic

Media: Ohuhu Alcohol Markers, Sharpies, Mixed Media Paper

Inspired by artists such as Vexx, who is one of the most successful artists on social media, and who has worked with brands such as Red Bull, Porsche, Puma, and more. The Belgium-born artist's work ranges from hand-drawn colorful illustrations to massive murals in NYC and LA. 

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Color Harmony

Media: Color paper, glue

Students will learn the basics and history of Color Theory, the science and art of using color. Students will learn which colors go together and why and how color can influence emotions. This project touches on the color wheel, color psychology, and color blindness. Students will select a color grouping from paper samples and create a cut paper illustration.

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Media: Acrylic paint

Inspired by Peter Max's vibrant colors and optimistic paintings, this project will introduce students to the colorful world of Pop Art. Students will learn how to blend colors by layering and the double-load brush technique while making their own sunset sailboat masterpiece. Students will add a colorful frame to make the paintings seem larger in the Peter Max style. 

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Peter Max Sunset Sailboat

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Monet's Water Lilies

Media: Acrylic paint

Students will learn about Monet's "Water Lilies" while painting in the artwork's style of "Tache technique." Tache means stain, blotch or mark in French. Students will practice this method of tapping and touching with paint onto the paper to create their own Impressionist Water Lilies masterpiece.

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Alberto GiacomeTti Sculpture

Media: Clay

This project explores the life and art of Alberto Giacometti, who was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. Students will learn about his process of sculpting clay by studying the faces of his friends and family. With instruction in sculpting techniques, they will sculpt a head in clay by studying their classmates. 

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