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Young at Art is based on the belief that art education should promote individual expression by providing the opportunity, the materials and the process from which children can create their own unique conclusions and solutions. The art experience for children should exercise their powers of observation and imagination. It should stimulate their motivation to learn, to make choices, to be flexible and to adapt, to be able to go from an unknown to a known and to make new experiences meaningful to each child's own way of thinking and creating.

We strive to create a non-threatening environment with no implication of right, wrong, or "real" way to create.
Young at Art draws children into their subject matter rather than just telling them about it. Children have the freedom to touch, handle and experiment with art materials and various techniques. They are encouraged to look, to ask questions and to find their own truths.

The philosophy of YAA emphasizes problem solving in a unique way in which the child determines the desired end-result. Our focus is on the process and not on the finished product. The philosophy fosters self-esteem and understanding of our differences.

Image by Victor Grabarczyk

To encourage the child's creative and mental growth through meaningful art experiences, in a non-judgmental environment.

To develop the child's visual perception and awareness.

To make community resources in the Arts more available to children.

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